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Zacatak Lures Review

Zacatak Game Fishing Lures
Chasing that big one, catching that fast one, playing with that wild one.. Game fishing  enthusiasts love their handcrafted colourful lures for tuna, marlin, barracuda and other pelagics.

Zacatak Lures Review

Zacatak are made in Australia. Each lure is individually handcrafted.  Every single lure they produce has a superior quality that represents the workmanship and attention to detail that we uphold. Zacatak Lures are colour-tinted to complement each skirt combination. Zacatak Lure skirts are of the highest quality and hold a reputation for being durable and resilient. They are available in a huge range of vibrant colours and are enhanced with various highlights to maximize light reflection and visibility for targeting all species of game fishing.

Lenght of Zacatak Lures are available in five sizes, from our Extra Small 6.5" to right up to the Extra Large 14" . And head diameters are from 26mm to 57mm

Lure Models and Features (click on titles for more info & photos)

The Vamp is an aggressive performer designed for maximum action, vibration and turbulence.

The goal from the outset was to design a lure unlike any other. What followed was the evolution of a game fishing lure fusing the characteristics of slant head, cup face and pusher lures.

Zacatak is the home of the legendary sprocket, one of the best game fishing lures of all time! Famous for being effortless.

Even when the fishing has fizzled out, the Smoka seduces in waters where other lures or live baits have failed. A versatile lure, the Smoka swims tight and straight regardless of sea conditions or how far back it is positioned.

With a broad head shake and serious splash when it breathes, the Roach is an aggressive deep diving lure range with an impressive smoke trail.

The midge loves rough weather! It brings impressive commotion to the water and has become one of Zacatak's most successful range of lures.

The Long Neck boasts a tight and shallow manoeuvre that fish find effortless to grab.

The Fatso is the lazy man’s lure - it’s almost too easy! In any position, and any condition, the Fatso cooperates with a straight, tight swimming action and narrow smoke trail.

Possibly the best teaser lure on the market, the Monster Cracker also performs successfully with hooks attached.

The Bunga is Zacatak's erratic swimming, weighted head lure. With an unpredictable movement achieved by its long shape, the Bunga mimics a vulnerable bait fish ready for the taking.

Don’t let its size fool you! The 9mm lure is absolute fish candy for all pelagic species including tuna, mackerel  and dolphin fish.

Zacatak Website: zacataklures.com.au