The Best Japanese LRF Lures For The Mediterranean

Which Japanese Lures For The Mediterranean Sea?
We are continuing to share the most recommended Japanese light rock fishing lures for the Mediterranean Sea. These are the best lures from Japan that the anglers of this old sea who love catching breams, barracudas, groupers, trevally, sea bass, lichia, painted comber, horse mackerel, needlefish and many more.

Minnows and Hardbaits

Dover 46 SS
Slow Sinking, 46mm 2.3g
Effective for various types of rockfish and smaller predators ( gilt-head bream, comber, small barracudas, horse mackerel, needlefish, sea bass etc ). See the prices on

Dover best Japanese lure for Mediterranean

Spearhead Ryuki 50
( Floating, Medium Deep Diver, Sinking 50 mm, 2.8gr. 3.8gr, 4.5 gr )
A perfect choice for Light Rock Fishing on all shores of the Mediterranean. Take a Spearhead Ryuki with you for fishing at spiky cliffs of Greek islands, sandy bottoms off Algerian beaches, shallow waters off Turkish shores, fruitful harbours of Spain. DUO really knows this job very well.  See the newest and cheapest Spearheads on

Quay Papoose 
Sinking. 42mm 3.5gr, 50mm 5.9 gr, 60mm 8.5gr
Undoubtedly one of the best Japanese LRF lures for ports, fishing from the boat and where the water is suddenly so deep right from the shore. It's designed to retrieve from the deep water up to your feet. Effective for roaming rock fishes, needlefish, saddled sea bream, grouper, dentex and other similar shore predators.

Sugar Minnow Salt 40s 
Sinking, 40mm, 1.7gr
A super light lure with amazing casting distance. Developed for LRF fun. I have never seen this hot lure that doesn't catch fish. It's absolutely magnetic! Use it for all kinds of weather conditions. Super effective in foamy shores.  There are lost of LRF fans from Israel have very positive reviews on Sugar Minnow. This little Japanese is absolutely perfect to catch seabass, trevally, grouper,  gilt-head bream and sargo. Check out the most selling ones on

Sugar Minnow best Japanese lure for LRF fishing in Mediterranean countries

Pygmy Lipless
Sinking, 48mm, 3.9gr
If you are a fan of lipless Japanese lures for common Mediterranean rock fish species, Pygmy is the best choice for all conditions. Very effective in Sardinia and the Italian coast during spring and autumn. Very, very effective in Cyprus for summer months. Pygmy is also very popular for fishing in Malta all year around. Barracuda loves it, dentex loves it, all kinds of breams and even grumpy striped seabream ( sand steenbras ) find it so attractive. A trueAnd the latest reports say it has become very popular in Istanbul for mackerel fishing as well.

Floating, Slow Sinking. 36mm. 2.5gr
Gunship is a small minnow plug developed for salt water light games. 
The body shape is like a baby squid but a little fat. It has large eyeballs to attract typical rock predators especially at sunrise and sunset times. A perfect LRF lure for classic Mediterranean shores. And here the favourite colour of most of my friends.

Gunship best LRF lure from Japan for fishing in Mediterranean Sea

3.5mm, 2.1 gr.I used to believe fat lures are made for freshwater. Until I met Beagle. This is one of the most naughty lures you will ever see. It's fat but incredibly effective for the rocky shores of the Mediterranean. Trevally, grouper and mackerels love this little fat belly lure. 


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