Fishing Techniques and Lures For Seasonal Temperatures

Useful Fishing Notes, Locations, Lures and Techniques For Seasonal Water Temperatures

Everyone likes to go fishing whenever it's possible, but the fish don't behave according  to our desires. They have a life too and they change their lifestyle to survive throughout the seasons as the water gets warm, too warm, cold and too cold. 

Fishing and Season Water Temperatures

Fishing and Seasons
I saw this chart on social media (instagram) last night and I wanted to share it with all my enthusiastic friends who believe fishing must be done absolutely properly. It's made by Andrew & Zack and their youtube channel is called Looking 4 Fish. Let's see how to fish, where to fish, what to use to catch fish during four seasons.

Water Temperature 30 - 60
Techniques and Locations - Fish deep and slow. Look for deep structure on the map. Deep channels and ledges leaning to those channels. Vertical jig spoons over humps for boaters.

Best Lure Options
Jigging Spoons

Water Temperature 60 - 70
Techniques and Locations - Use Lizards, Craws and other creature baits during spawn. Hit the shorelines with Cranks and Buzzbaits. Use Cranks during pre-spawn on structure near spawning flats.

Best Lures For Spring
Lipless Cranksbaits
Plastics, Craws, Lizards

Water Temperature 70 - 80
Techniques and Locations - Topwaters should produce mornings and evenings. Use Crankbaits around points from the bank and near creek channels. Carolina Rigged plastics on deep ledges and humps.

Best Lure Options for Summer
Topwater Plugs, Frogs
Plastics, Worms, Minnows

Water Temperature 50 - 70
Techniques and Locations - Bass on a feeding binge before winter. Target known shad areas in shallows and near shoreline. Look for vegetation where creeks empty into the lake.

Lures For Fall Bass
Texas Rig plastics


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