Swordfish Fishing in Turkey

Catching Swordfish in Turkey
Swordfish can be found in deep waters throughout the Mediterranean Sea and some parts of Turkey's southern shores are home to these super fast predators. Anglers who like deep water fishing and open water trolling should definitely try catching swordfish in Turkey during the right season.

swordfish fishing in Turkey

Scientific Name: Xiphias gladius
Turkish Name: Kılıç
ICUN Red List: Least Concern `( Decreasing )
Distribution: Found throughout the Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey in summer months. More common on the south coasts ( from Antalya to Iskenderun ) in August and September.
What They Eat: Sardines, mackerel, bluefish, bonitos, squid, crustaceans.

Swordfish Fishing Seasons and Restrictions in Turkey
Unfortunately, recent years have seen swordfish numbers decline significantly. There have been a number of different restrictions placed on both anglers and commercial fishermen in an attempt to halt the decline.

Restricted Dates
You are NOT allowed to catch swordfish in Turkey between; 15 February - 15 March and 1 October - 30 November.


Minimum size 125cm and ONLY one swordfish may be retained by fisherman. Taking more than one fish is ABSOLUTELY restricted. Please obey the rules.

Where to Catch Swordfish in Turkey
This map shows the most common open water swordfishing locations and spots in Turkey.

swordfish spots in Turkey

There are fishing charters with experienced captains and modern boats for swordfish and other big game species in Turkey, organised by TEKNE VE YAT. You can contact them on https://tekneveyat.com/contact or WhatsApp +90 531 367 65 76. Or use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 


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