Fishing Catfish With Live Bluegill Bait

Live Bluegill Bait For Flathead Catfish
Another successful catfish catch with live bluegill. You know, flathead catfish are carnivores, they like fresh meat. So it prefers live prey and the poor bluegill is one of the flathead's most favourite meals.

Day or night, sunny or rainy, if you are planning to catch decent size flatheadcatfish, you need to find a good spot to grab some bluegills where you have to keep them alive or hook them up as soon as you land them because they don't stay alive too long out of water.
Fishing A Big Catfish With Live Bluegill Bait

Logically and obviously the bigger bait brings the bigger fish. But it's always like this, especially in freshwater. Majority of the catfish species actually are lazy predators. It doesn't like chasing the prey. Even a huge flathead can just lay on the bottom of the lake or river and wait for a silly small size fish to pass in front of its mouth. And it swallows the bait with its large mouth. So, the live bluegill you will need to use to catch catfish doesn't have to be big or small. It has to be lively and attractive. That's it.

This lady, absolutely a master of fishing, in the video shows us the perfect way of catching flathead catfish with live bluegill bait. She lands some curious bass as well, but at the end, right gear, right bait, perfect spot, talented and patient angler always wins.


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