The best of Lucky Craft lures for different types of fishing.

As one of the most known lure brands of Japan, Lucky Craft creates some of the best fishing lures in world for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Anglers all around the world cast their Lucky Craft lures to catch bass, trout, salmon, musky, pike and even catfish in the rivers and lakes while targeting barracuda, seabass, bream, snapper, bonito and many other species in the seas and oceans.

Which Lucky Craft Lure is The Best

Sammy : If I have to survive on an island for the rest of my life, I would definitely take a Lucky Craft Sammy Lure with me. "Walking the Dog" action can be difficult to achieve with some top water baits. SAMMY makes it easy. Combine its easy to achieve "Walk the Dog" action with the spitting action of a popper and SAMMY gives you unsurpassed top water performance. But that's not all. Add the bass calling, glass rattles and the ultra natural colouring to top water bait that can be cast a long distance, and SAMMY becomes a must for all tackle boxes! SAMMY has already accounted for victories at the various tournaments within the past three years. 
Length: 65mm to 198mm. Weight: 5.8gr to 96gr
Sammy the best topwater lure by Lucky Craft

Fat Smasher : Bass loves it fat. Yes, my friends, size matters! Lucky Craft The Fat Smasher is a versatile crankbait/swimbait hybrid. The Fat Smasher can be fished similar to a shallow water crankbait by holding your rod tip low to the water. This will give it the side to side wobble action of a crankbait from a bait with a swimbait profile. Retrieve the Fat Smasher fast with your rod tip held high and it will create a smooth waking action on or near the surface that will lure bass from nearby structure. Use either retrieve and the Fat Smasher will produce violent strikes from bass on any body of water.
Length: 2-1/4" (55mm) to 3-3/4” (90mm)

Pointer 65 : I just can't give up on this beautiful beast! Sea, river, strong wind, rain, sunlight, midnight, summer, winter.. There are always at least two or three different colours and types of Lucky Craft Pointer Lure in my tackle box. The POINTER (65) has been designed with a very low center of gravity through the use of special brass weights. The low center of balance causes the lure to wobble and vibrate whenever the retrieving motion is stopped. The POINTER will suspend 4 -5 feet deep and will emit an intriguing bite me-calling vibration, while in the suspended state. A short twitch of the fishing rod will generate the "Walk the Dog" action under the water. This product is the one miracle bait for almost every species of fish.
Length: 65mm. Weight: 5gr

Surf Pointer 100 : A magic lure to catch seabass and amberjack the in morning and then barracuda or bonito in the afternoon. Surf Pointer is another saltwater angler’s arsenal that has been introduced with long casting ability and erratic action. It is unique that it can also be able to retrieve in a various speeds and performance such as diving ability of it is next to none. With very appealing three-hook setting, not only it catches sea bass, but flat fish and other species as well. Lucky Craft Surf Pointer is guaranteed to satisfy your every fishing needs and sure to stimulate the sensitivity of anglers.
Length: 100mm. Weight: 15gr. Diving Depth: 2.5m
Surf Pointer Lure, The Best Minnow Lure

Flash Minnow 70-110 SR : Lucky Craft says this lure was made for California In-shore Fishing. Well, guess what, it actually is a "everywhere fishing" lure. Seriously, try it wherever you are and whatever you are dreaming to catch. As for in-shore fishing, don’t forget species such as barracuda, halibut and mackerel. When fishing for barracuda or halibut, the FlashMinnow in the Metallic Sardine color demonstrates the power of both the lures and color combinations from Lucky Craft. A true killer!

Wander 95 : If I have to take a midsize jig in my lure box for shore jigging or jigging from the boat, Wanter is my best friend forever! Wander is a monumental existence that established a genre called "Sinking Pencil" in the fishing scene. From its appearance on the scene to the present, its achievements have not declined, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is an "immortal masterpiece." The overwhelming casting distance that can be obtained regardless of the user and the natural rolling action that is produced just by retrieving. The action that fascinates the fish eater is hidden not only in swimming but also in falling action. The action of sinking while shaking the body called "Wandering Fall" creates a decisive bite chance. 95mm and 21gr.
The best jigging minnow Wander 95 by Lucky Craft


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