White Bass Fishing On Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Everyone Can Catch White Bass, So Easy. Do You Want to Know How?
White bass is one of the most beautiful species of freshwater in North America, particularly in the Midwest USA. Once you catch a white bass, you will always want to catch more and more white bass.

White Bass Fishing on Lake Guntersville
Catching white bass in Alabama is an amazing fun

As you see in the video, all you need a shiny spoon and get to the right spot on the lake. Cast the spoon and retrieve. That's it! You will catch a lot of white bass easily. Such a crazy fun!
There are so many different types and sizes of spoon you can take in your tackle box. I have tried saltwater bass spoons while fishing in Ohio and they worked very well for me. I see these guys are using simple ones, too. And they are just fantastic! 

Guntersville Lake (locals call it as Lake Guntersville) 
It is the largest lake in Alabama. Some of the most popular species you can catch at Lake Guntersville are Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Black Bullhead, Redbreast Sunfish, Warmouth and more.

White Bass ( Morone chrysops )
It's also called Silver Bass, Sand Bass, Streaker and Barfish. It is the state fish of Oklahoma.


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