A Bluefish Paradise

I bet you have never seen such a huge shoal of bluefish before.

The Bluefish ( Pomatomus saltatrix ) is one of the most exciting predator species of world seas. It's called "tailor" in New Zealand and Australia, and in South Africa the bluefish is called "elf" or "shad".

A huge shoal of bluefish
Thousands of Bluefish Shoaling in Mediterranean Coast of Italy

While many of us catch them as gamefish, bluefish is also a famous delicious food fish in many parts of the world.

A Bluefish Paradise in Mediterranean Sea

Here, I want to show you a fantastic underwater footage of super healthy looking bluefish shoaling. It's filmed in Italy on a cold January day. Absolutely sensational. They look so energetic and ready to pillage!. Imagine you are on those rocks and casting your favourite topwater dog walk lure or popper.. and these hungry and merciless predators are right in front of you.. oh dear :-)

Bluefish Facts : Bluefish have two dorsal fins, with the second far larger than the first. They also have forked tails and very sharp teeth.


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