Best Fishing Season in Sardinia

When To Catch Fish in Sardinia
Those who have been fishing in all parts of the Mediterranean call Sardinia "a fishing paradise". And after fishing there last year, I must agree with them.

Fishing season in Sardinia

Once you are in Sardinia, Italy you will catch lots and lots of fish. Almost every corner of the island is perfect for fishing. From LRF to big game fishing, there is so much fun and adventure for everyone. Jogging and shore fishing are very popular as much as Sardinia fishing trips for bluefin tuna. 

But you have to follow the rules, if you are going to fish in the national parks in the north west and north east of the island, where the marine reserves are protected very well. 

Rocky shores, sandy beaches, shallow waters, deep blue cliffs.. You will definitely have the best times of your life while fishing in Sardinia. And like in everywhere else, there are some special seasons for target fishes, if you are after a specific species. 

Sardinia Fishing Season
The best time to go fishing in Sardinia is Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Yes, you will always find something to catch in every season of the year. But if we have to be more specific, I will share this useful information with you.

Sardinia Fishing Calendar

SWORDFISH (Pesce Spada)
Throughout the year. Best from October to December.

Whole year

SEABASS (Spigola)
Whole year, but best from December to March

High season from October to March

NEEDLEFISH (Belonidae)
Autumn and Winter months

High season from May to November

August to January

MAHI MAHI (Lampuga)
Best from July to October

GROUPER (Cernie)
Whole year

FALSE ALBACORE (Tonnetto Alletterato)
April to November

Summer months

January to August

BLUEFISH (Pesce Serra)
Throughout the year. Best from January to June

BLUEFIN TUNA (Tonno Rosso)
High season is from May to September

High season from May to February

AMBERJACK (Ricciola)
June to January

ALBACORE (Tonno Bianco)
May to August

Bait & Lure Recommendations
Skimmer for Seabass fishing in Sardinia.
Exsence Silent 140 on for Barracuda.
Sandworm for LRF in Sardinia

I suggest you to find a small seaside hotel, apart, B&B or a Villa, away from the crowded resorts where you can fish whenever you like, without being disturbed. See the recommended ones on Sardinia Bed & Breakfast and Seaside Villas

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  1. Do we need licences for fishing?

    1. No license required, italians are registered here:
      Beware of marine reserves, there are many


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