Some Plastics Never Go

If one plastic bottle made it into the sea, How long would it take to fully decompose?
Last week I visited Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall. A perfect aquarium to see interesting fishes and aqua creatures, and even a huge loggerhead sea turtle, which was blind when they found it in Greece.
I saw this information board on the wall about plastics. I think this should be seen by more and more people. Especially by the children in every corner of the world.

plastics and rubbish decomposing time

As it says on it, "some plastics never go". Absolutely true. So, please share this on your social media, show it to your kids and friends. It's really important. 

Let's see what happens when we throw plastics and similar rubbish into the nature and the sea.

Plastic Cutlery 100-1000 years

Plastic Bags 10-20 years

Plastic Bottles 450 years

Drinking Cans 200 years

Cigarettes 10 years

Cardboard 2 months

Toilet Roll 1 month

Glass 4000 years

Nappies 450 years

Fish Hooks 600 years


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