How To Catch Big Catfish in France

Fishing Big Catfish in France

Have you ever thought you could catch huge catfish in France?
If you are a good catfish lover, do not retire from your fishing hobby without experiencing this adventure. Maybe not a world-famous geography yet, but one of the countries with the most productive catfish rivers and lakes in Europe is France.

Catching catfish in France

Catfish Catching Techniques in France
Catfish are the same all over the world, but when it comes to catching, every region, every river, every lake has its own unique structure and natural living conditions. In this carefully prepared video you will find all the important information that can be useful for catching catfish in France.

Philippe Carême, one of the most famous catfish masters in France, briefly tells us about all his experiences and the fine secrets of catching catfish.

One day, when you visit this land, famous for its gothic villages, art museums and great wines, you will know what to do if you want to catch these giant fish. French catfish rigs, hook size, weights, lines, bait and locations and more.


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