Sardinia Fishing Map

Best Fishing Spots in Sardinia

Fishing in Sardinia, Italy is truly an amazing experience. I strongly recommend having a fishing adventure in Sardinia to all the anglers, who are into shore fishing, trolling, jigging and LRF. You will find lot of fish. You will catch a lot of big fish!

Today I want to show you the best fishing spots and locations in Sardinia, if you are targeting specific species. Every corner of the island has very rich fishing grounds but you will get more bites, if you are at the right location for the species you want to catch.

On this map you will see where to find Amberjack, Seabass, Dentex, Grouper, Bluefin Tuna and Barracuda, which are the most common bigger species we love to catch in Sardinia. 

Sardinia fishing map and fish spots

Others: You will find Gilthead-seabream, Sargo, Needlefish, Leerfish, Painted comber, Mullet, and Squid easily, all around the island.

Lure and Bait Recommendations
Patchinko on for Seabass fishing in Sardinia.
Gravity Pencil on for LRF in Sardinia

Most of the big hotels are close to the beaches, but I suggest you to find a small seaside hotel, apart, B&B or a Villa, away from the crowded resorts where you can catch fish without being disturbed. See the recommended ones on Sardinia Bed & Breakfast and Sardinia Seaside Villas

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