Malta Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots in Malta

Finding The Best Fishing Locations in Malta
Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, on the migration route of all big fish species, Malta awaits all fishing enthusiasts with its deep coasts, clear waters and climate suitable for fishing at all times of the year.

Where to Catch Fish in Malta
There are always lots of fish in every corner of the country to catch throughout the year. If you like to fish from the shore, find deeper places for spinning to catch barracuda, dorado ( mahi mahi ), needlefish. little tunny. And get to around ports and little coves for mullets, breams, combers, octopus and smaller rockfish. If you want to catch bigger predators, like swordfish, albacore tuna, greater barracuda and deep sea species like groupers and big dentex, You will find plenty of fishing charters in Malta, especially around the capital Valletta, Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala, Msida, Ghajnsielem in Gozo, which are organised by experienced captains with well equipped boats.

Here I want to share the fishing map of Malta with you, to show the best fishing spots in Malta if you are looking for a good location to catch fish when you are on this beautiful island.

Malta Fishing Locations Map

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