Top 5 Fishing Reservoirs in Cyprus

The Best Fishing Dams and Reservoirs in Cyprus
This is an updated guide to the most popular fishing reservoirs in Cyprus. You will find information about the species you can catch, how to get, locations, tips and regulations.

Fishing in reservoirs in Cyprus

I saw a group of middle aged anglers, at Luton Airport, drinking and talking about their fishing adventures in different countries while I was waiting for my flight to Larnaca. I said hello and asked what species of fish they are dreaming of catching in Cyprus. They replied all together "the biggest fish in the sea" and we all laughed.

As we chatted more and more, I noticed that none of them knew they actually could catch lots of fish in the reservoirs as well. They didn't even know freshwater fishing is possible on this tiny and dry Mediterranean island.
To be honest, it didn't surprise me. Because, most of the people I talk about fishing in Cyprus have never heard about these amazing dams which are full of perch, carp, zander, bass, eel etc.

Cyprus has a total of 108 dams and reservoirs. But not all of them are open for fishing. So you need to ask a tourism information center to be sure if amateur angling is allowed at the reservoirs around the area. Or ask a local who you think knows everything :-)

When you fish at the dams, reservoirs and rivers in Cyprus, you have to get a license first. Please read how to get one on Fishing Licenses For Reservoirs in Cyprus
There are some special rules and regulations as well. You will also find all that information on this page.

Kouris is the largest dam in Cyprus and it lies at an altitude of 250 metres (820 ft) which makes it feel a bit cooler even in the hottest days of summer months. Getting to Kouris Dam is so easy, it is only 15 kilometres (20 minutes drive) from the city of Limassol. It's open for 24 hours. Many local guys get here early in the morning and catch a lot of fish. If it's your lucky day, these are some of the species you may land at Kouris; Bass, Catfish, Pike, Carp, Roach, Perch and even Trout.
Recommended Accommodation For Fishing near Kouris

Recommended Lures and Baits
Gunki Clear Water:
Jubarino Jerkbait:

Kouris Reservoir on the map
Location of Kouris Dam in Cyprus

A magnificent view of Kouris Dam from the hills. Photo; i witfit
Fishing in Kouris Reservoir Cyprus

Achna is not a huge dam, but its the most famous reservoir for freshwater fishing in Cyprus. If you wonder where the people look for the biggest carps on the island, this is the place! Thare some decent size catfish, too and millions of Mosquito fish all over the dam. Achna is also very close to popular holiday destination Aya Napa (30 mins drive) and the major town Larnaca (35 min drive)
Recommended Accommodation For Fishing near Achna

a)The reservoir is closed for fishing from the 1st of January until the 30th of June.
b) This is a catch and release area. It is prohibited to kill or transfer live fish away from the reservoir.

Location of Achna Dam on the map
Achna Fishing Reservoir Cyprus

A hidden gem in the center of Cyprus. Those who believe fishing is not just hooking up a swimming creature, it's also enjoying nature and feeling great in an amazing atmosphere must see Lefkara Reservoir.
There are lots of different species you can fish here; Zander, Carp, Roach, Trout and more.
Location: It's in the middle of mountains. About 45 minutes drive from Larnaca and 50 mins from Limassol.
Recommended Accommodation For Fishing near Lefkara

Recommended Lures and Baits
Cannibal Shad:

Map of Lefkara reservoir in Cyprus

Lefkara is one of the most beautiful reservoirs in Cyprus. Perfect shores for fishing. Photo: Onair Cy
Lefkara Fishing Reservoir

As the second largest dam in Cyprus, Asprokremmos is a very popular fishing reservoir as well as an important body of water for wildlife. It's located only 20 minutes drive from Paphos and 40 mins from Limassol. Perfect for fishing with soft lures and LRF fun. It's a well stocked reservoir with Roach, Tilapia, Bass, Catfish, Carp, White Bream.

Location of Asprokremmos Dam on the map The biggest dam in Cyprus

One of the best places where you can actually catch big size carp in Cyprus. If you are not into carp fishing, then take spinners, crankbaits and soft plastic lures for bass, zander and roach.Some of these predators are really huge.
Location: Dipotamos Reservoir is another hidden gem surrounded by beautiful hills and pine forests. It's about 45 minutes drive from Larnaca and 50 min to Limassol.
Recommended Lure
Executor Shallow Runner Crankbait:

Location of Dipotamos Fishing Reservoir on the map
Dipotamos Reservoir Cyprus


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