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List Of The Best Fishing Reels From Japan

Japanese Fishing Reel BrandsThere are a lots of fishing reel manufacturers in Japan, here you will find the most known and preferred ones by the anglers and professionals all around the world.

History of making fishing reel in Japan is absolutely brilliant. Japanese fishermen have always been so inventive and productive and with the development of high-tech, now we see magnificent reels from different brands. And here we would like to share the list of the Best Japanese Fishing Reels

DAIWA  Tokyo, Japan
Daiwa's first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today.  Daiwa makes some of the best Japanese fishing reels for all types of fishing ; Saltwater, Baitcasting, Freshwater, Spinning, Jigging, Flyfishing, Line Counter, Power Assist and more. See the prices of Daiwa reels on 

Saltwater, Spinning, Surf, Baitcasting, Freshwater, Flyfishing, Electric Reels,Heavy Duty Spinning Reels. 
Best Shimano Reel: The Stella FJ is the new flagship in front drag spinning reels and is developed for both fresh water and salt water conditions. Stella FJ can easily handle the biggest fish and the most though conditions in both fresh and salt water. Check out how much the newest Shimano reels cost on ebay.us/c4ndNE 

Baitcasting, Spinning, Freshwater reels, Saltwater reels.
Best Megabass Reel : Gaus Series has been developed as a new-generation spinning machine that demonstrates toughness that cannot be imagined from its compact appearance and high power that overturns conventional standards in a small body. See the most popular Megabass reels on ebay.us/jRbImd 

Casting, Spinning. Gan Craft reels are especially created for bigger and heavier baits. They are sold as freshwater reels but actually absolutely fine for saltwater too. Most heavy bait reels are also in big size and demand bigger or expensive rods but Gan Craft is perfect for smaller rods too, especially Mago series, absolutely masterpiece of this kind of reels. Here the most affordable Gan Crafts on the market

Tailwalk makes some of the best reels in the world. Absolutely legendary craftsmanship. Tailwalk produces Casting, Spinning, Jigging reels.
Best Tailwalk Reel : Elan Widepower Plus. A wide body bait casting reel. It's ideal for catching seabass, bonito, catfish, amberjack and even for light jigging. See theese brand new and used Tailkwalks at ebay.us/3dTtSh

The pioneer of Japanese fly fishing. Tiemco is the only company completely dedicated to fly fishing, handling everything from rods & reels to clothing. Their fly fishing reels are so popular in Japan. 
Best Tiemco Fly Reel : ORACLE VLA-R Light weight aluminum die cast reel with high grade disc drag and the large arbor spool. Four attractive colours available silver, red, gold and blue.

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