Top 10 Italian Fishing Rods - Best Italian Rods

Most Desired Top 10 Italian Saltwater and Freshwater Rods and Manufacturers
Italy has been one of the world's most important fishing centres to the anglers for centuries. As Romans have said, 'Wherever you walk, you will see the sea'. This is Italy. A country in the hart of Mediterranean Sea and home of hundreds of lakes and crystal clear rivers, especially in the northern part.

So fishing industry has always been an important sector for Italy. Today, there are more than 100 tackle manufacturers all over the country. Some of them are producing amazingly good quality Italian fishing rods

Surf Casting, Vertical Jigging Rods, Bolognesi Rods, Telematch, Specialist Feeder, Telescopic Whips, Lake Trout, River Trout, Sport Fishing Rods, Specimen & Spinning, Beach Legering, Teleboat Rods, Boat Rods, Eging & Sabiki Rods, Trolling Rods. See the newest Trabucco rods on 

Founded in 1986, thanks to the experience and passion of Roberto Trabucco, it's been a trade leader since the very first year of business for quality and product assortment. The well known competition match fishing rods and one of the most recognized Italian rods brand in the Europe. 

CARSON - Torino
More than 60 year experience... Series of high-strength rods with variable length constructed with varied materials that have different levels of flexibility suitable for fishing in fresh water or sea. Predator rods, casting, specimen rods, freshwater and saltwater rods. 

For nearly 50 years Italcanna has designed and built the best quality Italian fishing rods and reels to meet the fisherman's requirements throughout the world.  See the most popular Italcanna rods on

All models are tested in the laboratory and  by experts in fishing and long casting guaranteeing the unsurpassed Italcanna quality. Italcanna rods at this moment hold seven World Championships, eleven European Championships and thirty-eight Italian Championships.

GATTI - Brescia
Fly Rods, Spinning Rods and Rod Blanks. One of the best designed and super quality Italian Fly Rods. All GATTI Fly Rods Spinning Rods and Rod Blanks are produced in Italy. Check out the lowest Gatti rods prices
GATTI rods are as nice to look at as they are to cast. Hand crafted reels seats with exotic woods are combined with the finest hard chrome guides to create a work of art. The goal of every Gatti engineer is to provide anglers with the most responsive fly rods in the world.

MOLIX - Bologna
Trout Hunter Rods, Pike Rods, Saltwater Rods, LRF. and Jigging. High quality products are produced thanks to continuous research and innovative design, in order to suit the changing needs of modern fishermen. See how much Molix rods costs on 

Molix is the producer of award winning Italian Fioretto Rods. The original reel-holder of Fioretto enhances the vibration perception directly on the fisherman’s hand. The ergonomic design supplies more balance and comfort, while reducing the effort during long fishing sessions.

ALUTECNOS - Monselice
Master of Jigging Rods. Alutecnos fishing rods stand out from the others on the market for their technical characteristics, which make them a reliable. They are divided into two main categories: the stand-up model for standing fishing,  and the trolling model, obviously, for trolling. Alutecnos also produce well known rod components, such as 
removable rollers, trolling butts and reel seats.

TUBERTINI - Bologna 
The Italian manufacturer is known for its high quality products especially for fresh water.  See the most popular Tubertini rods on 
Tubertini makes some of the world's most sensitive rod tips and Tubertini's All Round Series identify all-purpose rods with excellent value pricing suitable both for beginners and for experts.

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