Common Fish Names in Greece

How To Say The Fish Names in Greek While You Are In Greece
Greece is one of the best countries in the world for fishing. First of all, it's right in the middle of Mediterranean. Hundreds of islands, deep waters, clean shores, rich food sources for all the species that live in Mediterranean make this country is a fishing paradise.

It's so easy to catch fish in Greece and so much fun. People come here from all around Europe and even the USA and Australia to enjoy all kinds of fishing.

Fish names in Greek

Trolling and jigging in open waters, especially around the islands in Aegean Sea, LRF at the shores of gorgeous ancient Greek isles, spinning for legendary sea bass at almost every beach in the country, heavy casting for groupers and dentex from the rocky shores of Rhodes, Crete and other southern islands.. If you are a passionate fisherman, Greece is the country you will fall in love with at first sight.

When we fish in another country where the language is completely strange to us, we look at the fish and call it with its name in our language. But the fish will definitely not understand you :-)

So let's learn the local names of some of the common fishes in Greece. Because you will definitely catch lots of different species while you are there.

Atherina ( Sand Smelt )
Bakaliaros ( Cod )
Barbouni ( Red Mullet, Mullus barbatus )
Drakaina ( Greater Weever, Trachinus draco )
Fagria ( Sea Bream )

Galeos ( Dogfish )
Garida ( Prawn )
Gilos ( Rainbow Wrasse )
Glossa ( Sole )
Hanos ( Comber, Serranus cabrilla )

These are the the best squid jigs on to take to Greece.

Kalamari ( Squid )
Kefalos ( Grey Mullet, Flathead Mullet )
Kokovios ( Goby )
Kolios ( Chub Mackerel, Pacific mackerel )
Kologria ( Damselfish )

Lavraki ( Seabass )
Marida ( Whitebait )
Moungri ( Conger Eel )
Perka ( Painted Comber )
Rofos ( Dusty Grouper, Epinephelus marginatus )

Suggested lures for dentex, breams, sea bass and other predators

Saliara ( Tentacled Blenny, Parablennius tentacularis )
Sardela ( Sardine, Pilchard )
Sargos ( White Seabream, Sargo, Diplodus sargus )
Sfyrida ( White Grouper, Epinephelus aeneus )
Skorpidi ( Scorpionfish )
Soupia ( Cuttlefish )
Synagrides ( Common Dentex )

Tsipoura ( Gilt-head Bream, Dorada, Sparus aurata )
Xifias ( Swordfish )
Xtapodi ( Octopus )
Zargana ( Garfish, Garpike )

Rofos, a dusky grouper, a true legend of these waters
Rofos Dusky Grouper in Greece

Perka, a Painted Comber, one of the most exciting predator for LRF fans in Greece
Perka Fish Painted Comber in Greece


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