Fishing Season in Trinidad and Tobago

When to go fishing in Trinidad & Tobago. 

Trinidad & Tobago is a fishing heaven, especially if you like catching big predator species. If you are into offshore fishing, most productive time of the year is from October to June. Winter immigration in the depths of these beautiful islands brings you the most exciting fishing experiences around Caribbean.
Fishing in Trinidad and Tobago

What will you catch?
Barracuda, blue marlin, kingfish, tuna, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), sailfish, swordfish and wahoo. There are some species like tarpon, tuna and sharks are always there whenever you want to find one year around.

You will definitely have some fight with some of these big boys when you join a fishing tour around the islands.

Dont't forget; if you take your own gear, remember, you will meet real fighter species at rough conditions, so chose good quality products, mono, braids and stuff that protect you from the sun.
If you join special tours, they will provide all the equipment.

Sure! Light fishing is very popular during the whole year. There are too many little bays, quiet beaches and harbors for LRF in Trinidad and Tobago . And spinning and traditional classic light casting with dead or live baits. As soon as your line drops in the water , you will meet with mullet, red snapper, tarpon, parrotfish, grouper and wrasse everywhere.

Fly Fishing in Trinidad & Tobago
I would definitely suggest you to take your fly gear and some flies with you when you get to the airport to fly over here! Some beaches are absolutely sensational for fly fishing. Enjoy!

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