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Parrotfish on Marukyu Isome and Rocket Plus Jighead

This is one of my favorite rock fishes, The Mediterranean Parrotfish. I love catching these wild boys. Even a small one will make you feel like there is a whale on your hook. You can easily find them along sharp rocky shores. You don't need to look into deep waters. If you see a wild spot -especially huge single rocks or coral reefs, but not so deep, there you will definitely get one!

The Mediterranean Parrotfish
Where to chase The Mediterranean Parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense) : It is present throughout most of the Mediterranean Sea, except for parts of the north-western coast and most of the Adriatic Sea. In the Mediterranean, parrotfish is more common along the eastern and southern coasts.

Location - South-central Turkey
Season - March 2016
Braid - Power Pro Super 8 Slick Marine Blue
Leader - Nippon Ghost Fluorocarbon
Lure - Marukyu Isome Brown L
Jig - Decoy Rocket Plus Jighead #10 - 1,8gr