The Best Trout Rod For Spoons and Small Cranks

The Lightest Spinning Rod For Trout Fishing

We trout fans always choose the lightest rods with the most sensitive tips. Trout are shy and incredibly intelligent. They are not like those silly mullets or breams. You need a proper gear that is made for special conditions. At this point one of the Top 10 Italian Fishing Rods makers Tubertini helps us with their legendary product Utopia.

Best trout fishing rodUtopia is not a classic trout rod. It is the best trout fishing rod because tt comes with exceptional features. A very easy to use rod for  beginners, experienced trout hunters and first-timers.  Constructed in high modulus carbon and spigot coupling, these extremely light and reactive blanks retain a fast action capable of following fish escapes perfectly and having great sensitivity and it  comes with anti-tangle rings with long frames for a perfect release of the monofilament. 
Utopia is two-piece rods and consists of four rods with different actions and uses.

Medium 6.4 ft (1.95cm) 1-4.5g
Designed for crankbait and long distance fishing, it has an excellent reserve of power in the lower part and great progression in the tip to maintain excellent contact with the bait and be ready on the strike. Weight: 74g, Closed Length 100cm

Medium / Light 6.2 ft (1.89cm) 0.5-3g
Mainly indicated for the initial phases of the competition or for the use of small and medium-sized cranks and jerks. Great power in the blank to force fish when fishing at speed.
Weight: 70g, Closed Length 97cm

Ultra Light 6 ft (1,83) 0-2.5 g
Developed for the use of spoons and small cranks in the intermediate phases of the tournament. More parabolic action but ready to minimize the risk of unhooking the fish during the fight in the short and medium distances and to better manage small lures.
Weight: 67g, Closed Length 94,5cm

Light (solid tip) 6 ft (1,82cm) 0.3-3g
Designed for research fishing with a micro spoon. Thanks to the solid tip it is possible to have maximum sensitivity even using very light baits. The stiffer action of this rod allows you to force the cast a lot and be ready for the most timid bite.
Weight: 69g, Closed Length 94,5cm


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