Angler's Headache - Whe We Suffer of Head

Do you have headache after losing a big fish?

Humans are suffering from headache for millions years. There are lots of different kind of head pain but some of them are more common than others. I am sure most of you or your loved ones have one of these; Migraine, Stress Headache, and Hypertension Headache. And the pharmaceutical companies have been trying to develop the best painkillers for these terrible diseases. I am sure the scientists and doctors will solve it in future. So, no worries.

Fishing and Headache
But as enthusiastic fishermen, we have a huge problem. There is another type of headache that not common among those who never fish. Its called " Losing A Big Fish" headache..

We suffer off this horrible pain so badly and nobody can understand us. And unfortunately there is no cure nor a pill for it. That means, as long as we love fishing, we will always have this headache until we die.

I will update this post if the developing medical world finds a cure for us. But I think it will never happen. Let's be realistic.. The only way to avoid of Losing a big fish headache is landing all the big fishes we catch.. or, Oh dear...


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