The Best Fluorescent Spinner For Trout, Bass, Perch, Pike, Chub, Zander

If you are wondering what spinner to have for fishing in deep rivers, winter streams, lakes and canals in cloudy weather or murky times, this is the one you must have in your tackle box.

Rivers and Canals in Europe are full of perch, pike, chub, trout, mullet and salmon to catch any time of the year. But you can't use the same colour and type of spinners for all seasons. You need a proper fluo bait to attract those predators in darker, murky and super cold waters.

Lakes and rivers in the United States and Canada are not much different. They have more trout and bass though and such species love fluorescent spinners in autumn, winter and spring fishing seasons.

The Best Fluo Spinner For Predator Fishing

So What Fluo Spinner Is The Best For You?

Spinner is an interesting type of lure.. It looks simple but actually it's one of the most complicated bait systems. That's why I avoid those cheap Chinese or unknown ones. Even though they might look identically the same, believe me they won't work as you dream at all.

Like many experienced anglers, my choice is always the same; Mepps Aglia Fluo Orange . This is the best fluo spinner. It's proven itself so many times. 

Mepps undoubtedly creates the best spinners in the world. And as you know, Aglia is a true classic. It never fails. 

Aglia Fluo Orange ( see the cheapest prices on Ebay  ) Size 2 or Size 3 are the most preferred ones.

The uniqueness of this spinner lies in the fact that they become most apparent in contact with UV rays. It is stimulated by UV light and sparkles for a long time after the other colours fade in the depths.They are particularly useful during cloudy weather, in the depths or in dirty waters. And most amazingly, It has a 60 degree angle of rotation and this gives fast spinning action


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