Wincle Brewery - The Best Beer After Catching Trout

Drink Wincle Beer Before and After Trout  Fishing in Cheshire, England

Last February my friend Thomas from Manchester has sent me a selfie of himself with a huge brown trout and a fly rod. He didn't tell me where he was when I asked the location. He replied " why don't you come over here and we catch even bigger ones together?"
I texted him back; "I am coming!"
It took 12 months to make it. I finally managed to get to Manchester and visit my friend. As soon as I saw him at the car park of the airport,    I said " Let's go! Take me to trouts!", even without saying Hello :)

Next day after a nice breakfast we went to Macclesfield first, picked another friend from there and only 15 minutes later we arrived in an amazing place. A small village, called Wincle. I was mesmerised by the beauty of the nature. One of the most gorgeous places I have ever been in my life. Absolutely stunning.

Wincle Beer, Ale Brewery, England

We parked the car near an old bridge on River Dane.  "Follow me" said Thomas. I was so excited. After 2 minutes walking, we arrived a small trout farm. It's called Danebridge Fisheries . I was a bit shocked to be honest. I thought he was catching those massive size trouts in a big lake. I was wrong. A very little fishery pond but full of decent size fish. More information on

We walked around a bit. Checked if anybody was catching something and diced to come again three days later. 

Danebridge Trout Lake

Now, forget the monster trouts... I want to tell you something much more exciting.
Just before the fisheries, we saw a brewery. Thomas said we should have beer there, because it's a must, if you come here for fishing. As a massive ale fan, I couldn't say No. There was a big smile on my face :)

A small but already very famous brewery, in the heart of Britain. If you ever visit Peak District, Manchester or Chester, I strongly recommend everyone to visit here. Their beers are fantastic. So classy, so tasty, so delicious. A perfect haven for those fly fishing anglers who love good beer after a happy fishing day. 
Their stout Old Hag, pale ale Wincle Waller and dark ale Rookery Wood are my favourites. If you like to know more, here their website

As you can see in the photos, such an idyllic atmosphere to spend an unforgettable day. Forest, hills, river, old houses, trout lake and legendary ales. 

This is the beer shop of the brewery

Wincle Beer Shop, Macclesfield, Cheshire

They have lots of different beer and ales from dark to pilsner.. Don't forget t taste all of them once you visit there.

Wincle Ales, Dean Bridge in Peak District


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