Recommended Baits and Lures For Fishing in Malta

What Bait, Lure and Jig to Take To Malta For Fishing

I visited Malta 4 times in last 20 years. I adore this country. So many places to see, lots of things to do and of course so many fish to catch. Malta means sea, and sea means fish. What I mean is, everybody can catch a lot of fish in Malta. If you love sea, sun and casting, you will love fishing in Malta. Here I will tell you the best bait and lures to use in Malta to catch big species. 

Fishing Mahi Mahi in Malta

Before reading rest of the post, I strongly suggest you to have a look at this post; Malta Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots in Malta to see the best fishing locations and where to catch tuna, amberjack, barracuda, albacore, bass etc.

Recommended Lures For Barracuda, Mahi Mahi and Bonito in Malta
Mahi Mahi, Lambuka or Dorado.. Maybe we all call this fish with different names but when it comes to catch, all of us love the supernatural action of it. As I mentioned above, Malta is in the middle of the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea and Mahi Mahi caught throughout the year in here, same as Barracuda and Bonito.

You can catch all of these crazy predators either from shore or from the boat. Fishing in Malta is easy and great fun. There is no specific spot for these fishes, just try casting wherever you go around the country. They are everywhere and easy to catch.

If you have a decent rod while you are in Malta, try these lures for the best results;

For Barracuda and Mahi Mahi
Silent Assasin >
S. Mommotti >

For Bonito and Albacore
D. Flyer Slim >

Recommended Jigs For Tuna Fishing in Malta
Undoubtedly Malta is the best place to catch Bluefin Tuna in Mediterranean. Location of this tiny country makes it a special tuna heaven. Surrounded by deep blue waters, Malta lies right in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. All the migrating fish species swim around Malta at least twice a year and this massive bait fish move brings all the big predators to these shores.

If you have a chance to go Tuna fishing in Malta, try these jigs. You can use the same equipment for Swordfish fishing, too.
8" Bullet Head >
Trolling Hardbait >

Malta Grouper Fishing

Recommended Jigs and Lures For Grouper and Dentex in Malta
If you are one of those who loves the weight of the catch, there are a lot of groupers and dentex around Malta. The merciless kings of the bottom of the azure waters, easy to catch and but difficult to land. You will find them mostly around the eastern shores of the main island. Some of my local friends use these for dente x and grouper;

For Dentex
J. Pintail 48 >

For Grouper
Heavy Swim Baits >


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