Fly Fishing In Sardinia

How To Fly-Fishing in Sardinia

Is it possible to catch anything by using flies in Sardinia?
What to catch by Fly-Fishing in Sardinia

Well, fly fishing in Mediterranean is not as easy as in Pacific or Caribbean. Fishes of this water are so clever and believe me, most of them are much more smarter than us. Especially catching saddled sea bream is a very tricky job, with any type of rigs and baits. If you don't know how to deal with them, they make you feel like a pathetic loser.
But some anglers will never give up! Like this guy in the video. He must be a talented fly fishing enthusiast.  

Sardinia Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots
(click on the map to see all the spots)
where to catch fish in Sardinia

He says he used these materials for his flies: Green tinsel, Blue tinsel, Red 3d eyes, UV epoxy, Dog hairs (my dog) on Mustad hook S74SZ-340011 size 4. And bingo! He made it! Smarthead saddled bream is in the basket! If you travel to Sardinia, take your fly fishing gear with you. You never know what you will hook up!

Best time to catch fish in Sardinia
When to Catch Fish in Sardinia

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