Jackal Kawashi Mikey - Jointed Hard Swim Bait With Feather Hook

Jackal Kawashi Mikey Lure

Kawashi Mikey is a new hard bait by Jackal. It's a jointed cover cranking swimbait for freshwater bass, pike and other wild hungry predators. If you are looking for something really different, add this amazing lure in your tackle box. "Jackal Kawashi Mikey" will make your day!
Kawashi Mikey Jointed Hard Bait

Jointed Hard Swim Bait With Feather Hook

New curved lip design makes it dive deeper and minimizes snags
Easy casting and retrieving
Enhanced jointed body design makes the lure swim more life-like.
Feather hook attracts fish by disguising the hook as tail.

 Jackal Kawashi Mikey Colours
Ghost Pearl Gill
Visible Trout
Pink Piraruku
Black Piraruku

And here the action! You will love it.

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