Freshwater Fishing Size and Catch Limits in Turkey

Fishing limits and size restrictions for freshwater fishing in Turkey
There are too many rivers, lakes, estuaries and mountain streams in Turkey where you can catch lots of different species of freshwater fish and enjoy the magical nature of Anatolia. But please do not forget to remember these rules and regulations.
You’re only allowed to keep a certain amount of the fish you catch. These fish must also be of a certain size. You must return fish into water unharmed.

Catch and Size Limits For Freshwaters of Turkey

Capoeta trutta, the longspine scraper (Karabalık)
22cm. up to 10.

Chub (Tatlısu kefali)
20cm. Max 5kg.

Common carp (Sazan)
40cm. Max 5

Eğirdir longsnout scraper (Siraz)
20cm. Max 5kg.

Mangar Fish (Fırat turnası - Luciobarbus esocinus)
50cm. Max 1.

Maya (Luciobarbus xanthopterus)
50cm. Max 1.
Freshwater Fishing Size and Limits in Turkey

Perch (Tatlısu levreği)
18cm. Max 5kg

Pike (Turna)
40cm. Max 5.

Rainbow Trout (Gökkuşağı alabalığı)
No size limits and up t0 10

Shirbot Fish (Şabut - Arabibarbus grypus)
45cm. Max 1.

Tench (Kadife)
26cm. Max 10

Trout (Alabalık)
25cm and up to 3

Zander (Sudak)
26cm. upt to 10

Wels Catfish (Yayın)
90cm. Max 1.

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