Bassday Crystal Popper Review

What Makes Bassday Crystal Popper So Special?

This is a magic lure for those who like light but wild top water spinning. It is a tiny transparent popper which makes it more attractive to predators especially when there is too much sunshine as its body reflects the light. Its a slowly sinking popper which gives you advantage of using it with different retrieve techniques. It also has a cute look that makes you feel good when you find it in your lure box.
Bassday Crystal Popper Lure
Bassday Crystal Popper with big eye and transparent body. A perfect baitfish

I used this popper at the beach, around reefs and harbours. When I cast it into bait fish cloud, It acts like a member of them and the big hungry boys notice it quickly.  Here you can see different colours and sizes of Crystal Popper on 

I sometimes retrieve it very fast and make splashes on the surface but not all the time. it's up to the conditions of water and targeted species. It's more effective when it makes splashes in early mornings. And I got more bites when I retrieve slowly right before and after the sunset.

What To Catch With "Bassday Crystal Popper"

Saltwater; Seabass, mullet, bream, saddled bream, leerfish, rockfish, sargo, needlefish. painted comber
Lakes and Rivers: bass, chub, perch

What colour Bassday Crystal Popper is the best?

I tried couple of different colours but definitely my favourite is Bassday Crystal Popper 30 - GH-108

Bassday Crystal Popper 30 LureLenght: 30mm
Weight: 2.3gr
Type: Sinking
Made in Japan

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