Fishing License in Turkey - How To Get Fishing License In Turkey

Do I need to get a fishing license in Turkey?

Do I need fishing license to fish from the boat in Turkey?
Do I need fishing license for LRF in Turkey?

Turkey has become a very popular country for amateur anglers from all around the world. Many of them keep asking me about the legal details. Well, technically, Yes. You do need a license. But it is not mandatory.

If you are going to fish from the shore:
No licence is needed.  You are visiting Turkey for a short period and you want to go around for LRF, Shore jigging, surfcasting, rock fishing etc.. You are free to enjoy your time.

If you are going to fish from the boat:
A fishing licence is no longer required in Turkey for amateur and recreational fishing from a boat; but the person you go fishing with (usually the owner of the boat) must hold a permit. If you rent a boat for deep sea fishing, do not forget to ask about the rules and regulations.

How To Get Fishing License In Turkey
A parrotfish. I caught this on a beautiful summer day in front of our hotel in Boğsak

As you see, license is not a problem in Turkey, but you have to be very careful about the regulations. Now see this page FISHING IN TURKEY to find out size limits, fishing seasons and the protected species, before fishing in this country.  These are really important details you have to keep in mind. 

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