Fly Fishing In Socotra Island of Yemen - Fishing Adventures in Yemen

If you are travelling to Yemen, don't forget to take your flyfishing gear with you!

Socotra is an isolated island, 150 miles (240 km) east of the Horn of Africa, Somalia and  240 miles (380 km) to south of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen. To visit Socotra, you have to fly to Yemen first.

What makes this island so special?
A secret fishing paradise for those who like adventurous fishing trips to most unknown places on earth. There are too many different species in the crystal waters of the island for saltwater fly fishing, spinning and poppers.
Fishing Adventures in Socotra Island Yemen
Because of the unique critical geographical location, it is so close to the pirates and dangerous warfare zone. But there are always some brave anglers who likes pushing the boundaries for their endless love for fly-fishing.  Here you will watch an amazing film that documents a journey of saltwater fly fishing exploration in the islands of the Soqotra archipelago. Quite simply a piscatorial adventure into the unknown. Enjoy fishing in the Yemen!

Credits / Producer - Richard Morton  /  Director - Jason van Niekerk  /  Editor - Jacquie Steyn  /  Cinematography - Richard Morton  /  Story - Richard Morton

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