Fishing Rig For Wahoo - Making The Best Rig For Wahoo

Wire Wahoo Rig For Trolling

This is one of the best rigs to catch wahoo. Making this rig is very easy, it's very cheap and works perfectly.

Wahoo is a powerful toothy fish. It's fast and clever. But you actually can hook it up with a simple rig. it's all about small details and passion. Like all other fishes, wahoos are easily caught too; with the right lure, at the right time and right place.
Fishing Rig For Wahoo. Wire Rig For Wahoo Catch

Here is a classic Wire Ballyhoo Rig but with a little difference that will help you deal with a merciless wahoo.You can try these rigs also for barracuda , bonitos, king maccarel and all other warm water predators.

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