Whiting Fishing With Poppers and Other Surface Lures

How to catch whiting with surface lures. 
And the type of rod and braid you need for whiting fishing. If you like to know how to catch whitings with surface lures such as poppers and other light lures, here the best tips from the most experienced Australian anglers.
Best poppers and lures for Whiting Fishing

I typed down the tips of the first half of the video as it might give you the main information about the action. 

"When targeting whiting with surface lures, the ideal set up is a light spin rod 1-3 kg matched with a small 1000 spin reel. I use 4lb braid and 12 mono leader about a rod length. 

My favourite lure on the topwater is Bassday Sugapen HF 119 in both 75mm and 95mm. The standard trebles are too big. Replace them with a quality number 10. 
My other go to lure is the Stiffy Popper in the FRV & Redbelly pattern.  Most of the major brands ( Atomic, Luck Craft, Berkley etc) have quality surface lures. 

The retrieve style is simple; keep a steady pace on the lure, whiting will pursue it aggressively.  You only need to impart a small amount of action through the rod. Light spin rods will help you do this. 

With blooping style poppers, again keep a steady pace in the retrieve. Impart enough action to make the lure "bloop" . Hold your rod down and to the side like this to create the action required. 

Drag setting is crucial! 
It must be loose for the fish to run, yet firm enough to set the hooks. This will take some practice but it will come in time. "

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