How to eat the world's most smelliest fish

How to eat the world's most smelliest fish.

How do you like your rotten herring, sir?
When you go to a classy Scandinavian seafood restaurant in Sweden, you might see something like this "Surströmming" in the menu. Order it and embrace the world's smelliest fish in your dish!

Surströmming is a traditional Swedish food. Actually it belongs to entire Baltic region. But let's say Sweden is the capital of this rotten herring dish. Yes, you heard me right; I call is rotten herring. Because it smells like that.

I want to eat Surströmming. Show me how to do it right way.

Surströmming is a salted fermented Baltic Sea herring. It's been on the dinner tables since 16th century.

This guy sounds like a master of eating surströmmingHow to eat the world's most smelliest fish


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