Swarm of Red Groupers in Mediterranean Sea

Red Grouper Swarm along the Mediterranean coast of Israel

A rare capture of amazing underwater life in Israel, as it still remains a good place for groupers to spawn.

swarm of groupers in Mediterranean Sea
Red groupers gathering in the rocky shores of Israel

Lots of grouper species face extinction or are near threatened because of overfishing all over the world. Especially in Mediterranean, all kind of groupers are highly vulnerable.

But this extraordinary filming shows us if we really want to protect them, they will come back and we will always have this glorious fish in our shores. Israel made it. Other countries can do it too. 

My Name Is Fish says; stop catching and releasing groupers in Mediterranean. Just don't catch them! Most of the people perfectly know that they may catch one, as they use lures and baits that this species love so much.


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