Israel Fishing Catch and Size Limits

You must know these size limits before fishing in Israel.

Every angler, professional or amateur, must obey these size and catch limits regulations both for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Understanding and Measuring the Minimum Size For A Caught Fish

The minimum size is the shortest permitted length for a caught fish as approved by law. The fish is measured when laid flat, from the tip of its mouth to the tip of its tail. The minimum length limit was determined in order to prevent the fishing of young fish that have not yet attained sexual maturity, and therefore cannot produce offspring and create a future generation. If a fish is caught that is shorter then the detailed limitation, it should be thrown back into the water immediately.

Daily fishing is limited to a maximum of 5 kg or 2 large fish at most.
(even if each fish weighs more than 5 kg).


11cm and more
Common pandora ( Pagellus erythrinus )
Saddled bream ( Oblada melanura )
Sand steenbras ( Lithognathus mormyrus )
Bogue ( Boops boops )
White seabream ( Diplodus sargus )
Zebra seabream ( Diplodus cervinus )
Red mullet ( Mullus barbatus )
Striped red mullet ( Mullus surmuletus )
Shrimp scad ( Alepes djedaba )
Round sardinella ( Sardinella aurita )
Madeiran sardinella ( Sardinella maderensis )
Rainbow sardine ( Dussumieria acuta )

15cm or and more
Gilt-head bream ( Sparus aurata )
Pink dentex ( Dentex gibbosus )

16cm oand more
Hake ( Merluccius merluccius )
Common sole ( Solea vulgaris )
Lizard fish ( Saurida undosquamis )

20cm and more
Flathead grey mullet ( Mugil cephalus )
Golden grey mullet ( Liza aurata )
Leaping mullet ( Liza saliens )
Thicklip grey mullet ( Chelon labrrosus )
Thinlip grey mullet ( Liza ramada )
European barracuda ( Sphyraena sphyraena )
Yellowstripe barracuda ( Sphyraena chrysotaenia )
Wreckfish ( Polyprion americanus )

30cm and more
Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel ( Scomberomorus commerson )

40cm and more
Meagre ( Argirosomus regius )
Dusky grouper ( Epinephelus guaza, Epinephelus marginatus)
Goldblotch grouper ( Epinephelus alexandrinus, Epinephelus costae )
Mottled grouper ( Mycteroperca rubra )
White grouper ( Epinephelus aeneus )

70cm and more
Atlantic bluefin tuna ( Thunnus thynnus )


12cm and more
Kinneret bleak ( Mirogex terraesanctae )

18cm and more
Tristram's St Peter's fish ( Tristramella simonis )

20cm and more
Blue tilapia ( Oreochromis aureus )

22cm and more
Mango tilapia ( Sarotherodon galilaeus )

30cm and more
Jordan barbel ( Barbus longicepa )
Damascus barbel ( Capoeta damascina )
Large scale barbel ( Carasobarbus canis )

45cm and more
Flathead grey mullet ( Mugil cephalus )
Thinlip grey mullet ( Liza ramada )

80cm and more
Silver carp ( Hypophtalmichthys molitrix )

Fishing in Israel Catch and Size Limits

Israel Fishing sea bream Catch and Size Limits

Israel Fishing Catch and Size Limit

Israel Fishing Mullet Catch and Size Limits

Israel Fishing Grouper Catch and Size Limits

All the information on this page is collected from Ministry of Agriculture of Israel 
Visit Israel Nature and Parks Authority for more information about fishing in Israel


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