Top 10 Swedish Fishing Rods - Best Swedish Rods

The Most Popular Top 10 Swedish Fishing Rods For Saltwater and Freshwater.

Best Swedish Fishing Rods
Sweden has been the centre of fishing in Scandinavia for centuries. A country in the hart of Baltic Sea, with 3,218 km (2,000 mi) long coastline and home of thousands of lakes (almost 100,000!) and fruitful rivers from Malmo in the south to Kiruna in the north

Amateur fishing equipment industry has always been an important sector for Sweden. There are small and big size tackle manufacturers all over the country. Some of them are producing world–renowned high quality Swedish fishing rods. Here I want to introduce you the most recommended  and trusted fishing rods from Sweden.

Sea-Boat Rods, Casting, Telescop Rods, LRF Rods, Travel Rods and more. Fladen is famous with their motto "Anyone can fish", so they produce all kind of rods that works perfect for complete beginners and experienced anglers. All Fladen rods are designed and developed in Sweden. They work closely with a team of experienced anglers to create the best rods which must be easy to handle, durable and catch fish. That’s why you will see Fladen products, undoubtedly some of the best Swedish fishing rods in the world are used for all kind of fishing in many countries. See the newest Fladen rods on

Single Hand Fly Rods, Double Hand Fly Rods, Switch Fly Rods. If you are into fly fishing, you have to own a solid Scandinavian rod, and it must definitely be a Guideline. They design and develop rods with one target in mind; to give the fisherman the very best experience on the water. Guideline's newest products feature the very latest in Nano-resin technology. These rods are revolutionary, super light and has a smooth medium fast action designed for anglers at all levels.  Check the cheapest Guideline rods on  . 
They all have premium cork quality, light weight and medium fast action with a remarkable recovery speed. When you own one of these, you will understand why many fly pros think it's the best Swedish fly fishing rod in the world.

Fly Rods. Loop is one of the perfect samples of 'staying local, producing global' brands that comes from 40 year tradition of developing innovative products and fly fishing rods for all levels. They are also pioneers and explorers and have developed some of the finest fly fishing operations in the World from the Arctic to Tierra Del Fuego. As Loop 7X Series becomes more and more popular among fly fans, they truly believe this is highest performance fly rod range they have ever made. You can see the new and used Loop rod prices on

Heavy Casting Rods, Carp Rods. If you are into carp fishing or if you like chasing big freshwater species, now you found what you need; Prologic rods are very well known among casting and carp fishing enthusiasts, as they produce some of the world-famous carp rod ranges. Like their flagship rod MP Detek, a dream rod to fish with, no matter if your targets are big bream, tench (doctor fish) or carp with light feeders or simply fre-lined. Check out the newest Prologic rods and other accessories on  . When you look at the details of Prologic rods, you will notice they are all beautifully balanced, well finished and super slim. A have a friend in Germany, a true casting fan, he call his beloved Prologic as "The Swedish Queen".


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