Barbados Fishing Calendar

The Best Time To Visit Barbados For Game Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing
We love Barbados, especially for deep sea fishing. I remember when my uncle Ian sent me pictures from his first sport fishing trip in Barbados, I was so jealous. Since then, I have been to Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago to catch all kind of big species of fish in Caribbean but unfortunately I've never had a chance to visit Barbados. It's still in my dreams and one day I will make it. 
I keep watching videos and reading stories of those deep sea fishing lovers having breathtaking adventures in Barbados and I must tell you my friends, if you ever find a chance to get there, don't miss it! There are lots of Wahoo, Tuna, Blue Marling, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Sailfish and many more species are waiting for you.

Barbados Fishing Seasons Chart
If you want to catch Blue Marlin, White Marling, Wahoo, Sailfish, Dorado and Barracuda then the best time to be in Barbados is from December to May.
September-November is also perfect season Wahoo.

Barbados fishing season chart

There are some really good game fishing charters in Barbados and some very famous deep sea fishing operators as well. Prices are not as high as in some other Caribbean islands. 

Fishing boats ready to sail to catch the most desired ones, in Bridgetown, BarbadosBest Fishing Season in BarbadosPhoto: D.Stanley/Flickr 


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