Halcyon Hibupen Lure

Halcyon System Hibupen

Imagine a topwater lure that splashes water when you dog-walk it. Wouldn't it be so cool? Wouldn't you want such a fantastic fishing lure for shallow waters?
Finally,  Hal Japan Lures made it. It's called "Hibupen".

Halcyon System Hibupen Topwater Lure

This is a pencil bait which skates on water surfaces involving splashes.
It skates right to left in a short distance, makes zigzags which causes reducing miss biting problems.
The SUS plate fixed to the front eyelet is built for three reasons; to make dog–walk actions, to make splashes and to push more water.

What can you catch with Halcyon System Hibupen?
All species of Breams are the main target for this perfectly designed lure. Gilt-head bream, black bream, sargo, porgy, sea bream, American silver perch, margate, pinfish, pigfish, pompano.

How much does it cost?
Hibupen is pretty affordable. Here https://ebay.us/CxV84t you can see the lowest prices for it.

And of course, sea bass? If you are a topwater fan, you can catch all the species that attack baits on the surface of the water.

Length: 73mm
Weight: 11gr
Hooks: Cultiva 


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