Lures From Poland - Best Polish Lures

Top 10 Polish Lures. Handmade Lures, Soft Lures, Spinners.

Poland has always been one of those true "fishing countries". There are over 3,000 lakes you can fish and more than 10,000 rivers and streams, which are full of all kinds of freshwater fish. And of course the gorgeous Baltic Sea coast, which is 530 km long from east to west. 

Best Polish Fishing Lures

In Poland fishing is one of the country's oldest traditions. You can see lots of anglers along the rivers and almost at every lake throughout the year. Even the worst weather conditions cannot stop Polish people fishing. And most of them prefer lures. So there are some guys who create and produce amazing lures for both Polish, European and world anglers.

I want to introduce you to the best Polish lures, which made their names known by millions amateur fishermen all around the world.

The Best Saltwater and Freshwater Lure Brands in Poland

Understanding the soul of a freshwater fisherman is the key to producing the most desired brands. MIKADO makes some of the best Polish lures in the world. Mikado soft lures are Incredibly realistic and deadly effective. If you are into drop shot, spinning, pike fishing, you definitely need some of them.

A perfect mixture of lure craftsmanship, designed and developed in Poland, made in the U.S.A. and tested in both European and American waters. Relax makes undoubtedly the most popular Polish fishing lures. Swimbaits, Grubs and Creatures. These are the main categories of Relax lures.

Polish Spinning Lures. Yes, the name of a company tells everything. If you have never tried yet, Polsping soft lures, spoons and spinners are absolutely phenomenal. They are magnetic to the fish. Trout, zander, trench, carp, pike, perch love these amazingly designed the best Polish fishing lures so far.

Imagine you are carrying a secret weapon in your lure box that will help you catch that big fish when nothing else works.. This is what Wobler makes. I call these lures "ultimate warriors". The best fishing lures made in Poland to catch the strongest and the biggest predators in European and world rivers and lakes.

The Best Handmade Lures From Poland

When you mention "wobbler", only one name comes to mind in Poland, that is HMG Lures. Chub, trout, ide, zander, perch.. These species just adore these wobblers. All handmade and had been carefully designed and tested long before they were shown to the public. That's why they are incredibly effective and won't let you come out of the water empty-handed.

If you are an authentic hand made lure fan, here you have one of the finest handmade trout lures in Europe. For sure there are some other guys who are trying to make really good ones, too, but Krakusek is the name of the best hand made lures in Poland. Winter trout, summer zander, enormous pikes.. Krakusek is definitely the spot in choice. Oh, they work as well in saltwater too, try for the sea-bass and see!

Polish people fishing. This is another highly effective handmade lure selection, made by real anglers who know what fish want. Pad Baits produce some of the best handmade fishing lures in Poland. They always test their new lures in every type of water and weather conditions to get the best result.


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