Is Okuma Safina Pro SNP 3000 A Good Spinning Reel?

SNP 3000 Okuma Safina Pro Fishing Reel Review

I have been a heavy casting and jigging enthusiast for over 20 years. In 2013 when I first tried Light Rock Fishing properly, I fell in love with everything about it. Since then I started to change my entire fishing gear collection. Now I own more LRF stuff than all those guys who introduced me to this crazy addiction.

Okuma Safina Pro SNP 3000

I was looking for a new super lightweight spinning reel for my canal fishing in England adventures. But it has to be perfect for catch and release fun in saltwater as well, because I travel to Mediterranean countries so often and I love fishing there. So I decided to have a quick look at some cheap reels but I didn't feel that passion to be honest. And I made a sharp u return to Okuma and Daiwa reels, which always make me come back to them.

The Best Urban Fishing Reel?
I have got several Okuma fishing reels but never used a Safina Pro before. I have heard that it's really good stuff and it's becoming a "must buy '' item for canal and river anglers and beach fishing fans all around the world. I visited a couple of tackle shops in Manchester but they didn't have it in a smaller size. SNP-4000 and SNP-2500 were the only available ones. But I insisted on getting a SNP-3000. I put my computer on as soon as I returned home and looked for it on online fishing shops and auctions.

It didn't take long, I compared the prices and found a cheaper one on Ebay. It's always so exciting to buy a new reel, rod, lure online, isn't it?

See the prices of Safina Pro SNP-3000 on

What makes it different from others?
Safina Pro is technologically a masterpiece. It has a lot of useful features. And it looks so pretty. It's solid and you can feel the quality of the material. Oh, and it's so powerful.

How much did I pay for it?
£35 ($44)

Is it really light?
Yes, only 219 g

My name is fish and I love my new beautiful looking spinning reel already. I can't wait to use it to catch trout in the Colorado, big canals perch and zander in the UK, breams in Sardinia, mullets in Cyprus and more fishes in more amazing places.

Here is a short video, unboxing a new SNP-3000 to see what it's like.


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