The Best Japanese Fluorocarbon Lines and Leaders

Best Japanese Fluorocarbon Line For All Type of Fishing

The Best Japanese Fluorocarbon Lines and Leaders

One of the biggest dreams of fishermen is using an invisible fishing line, so fish can't see it under the water. A simple wish.. But it wasn't that easy to make such an amazing thing. Thanks to fast growing post war chemical and industrial developments, Fluorocarbon entered our life in 1969. But it took some long years to be used for fishing.

And this magical line has become one of the most essential items in our tackle boxes since the beginning of 2000's. Those years there were not many different types of fishing material producers in the world. Meanwhile some companies in Japan started investing in new technologies mixing with their traditional craftsmanship. As we have mentioned before in another article about Japanese Fishing Reel Brands they also started to produce some of the world's best fluorocarbon fishing lines.

Fluorocarbon fishing line is made of the fluoropolymer PVDF and it is valued for its refractive index, which is similar to that of water, making it less visible to fish. It is a fast-sinking line, so you'll mainly use it with jigs, dropshots, and other precise bottom tactics but it's also very useful for spinning.

The Most Recommended Japanese Fluorocarbon Lines
There are hundreds of old and new brands out there, but if you really want a high quality product that made and tested by famous anglers and fishing experts and will never fail you even at the worst conditions, we highly recommend these best Japanese fluorocarbon leaders and lines for saltwater, trout fishing and fly fishing.

Everyone knows their unique spoons for trout fishing. But they produce high quality fluorocarbon lines too. Especially for freshwater. If you have never tried it, RodioCraft RC Meister Shock Leader is absolutely the best. Check out the prices on:

A comprehensive manufacturer of fishing lines from Japan. YGK fluorocarbon leader is the legendary name for deep sea fishing and jigging. They use the latest technology to produce 100% fluorocarbon, made clear for underwater invisibility and hard for maximum abrasion resistance and durability. Nitlon, Disk and Olltolos are definitely some of the best Japanese fluorocarbon fishing leader lines. See the affordable YGK lines on

if you are looking for a true Japanese fluorocarbon line, Toray is the answer. They test the lines in various knotting methods such as “Swivel”, “Double Figure”, “Hook”and “Line to Line” to get closer-to-reality data. And their famous testers give them feedback from their “Field Test” in different fishing types. The technical team develops the products by reviewing design repeatedly before they put the lines into the market. Toray is the original manufacturer of Nylon fishing in Japan, started Nylon spinning in 1941. Fluoro Carbon was added to their visions in 1985. Toray International, Inc. is the largest supplier of fishing line in Japan, which includes Nylon, Fluorocarbon and Braided line. Click here to see the newest and most sold Toray lines in the world.

Suaguar must definitely take a place in the best Japanese fluorocarbon line reviews because it is the world's first fishing line made from fluorocarbon (PVDF), in 1971. Since that time, Seaguar has become the leading brand of fishing line and a favorite of fishing enthusiasts all around the world for freshwater and saltwater.

What makes Seaguar highly recommended;
Extremely high tensile strength and knot strength.
Light refractive index extremely close to that of water reduces visibility in water.
High specific gravity provides quick sinking speed. 
Lack of water absorbency provides long life and excellent drainage
Stiffness helps prevent crimping.
Less elastic than nylon, making it easier to sense strikes.
Check out this ebay page for newest Seaguar lines with affordable prices.

Every fisherman needs Varivas fluorocarbon shock leaders and lines! we are not exaggerating. Perfect fluoros for spinning, LRF, jigging and all type of fishing. For over 40 years, putting “Anglers first” has guided VARIVAS’s rigorous R&D testing and production of quality fishing line and gear. Strength, performance and functionality are the top qualities of the VARIVAS fluorocarbon lines and shock leaders. See all the VARIVAS lines in different size and price range at

As you all know, if Daiwa makes something, they make the best ones. Daiwa fluorocarbon leaders are absolutely perfect. Daiwa J-Fluoro hit the fishing world like a hurricane! If you haven't tried it yet, better be quick and get a spool and see how it feels. It's made in Japan, highly abrasion resistant, nearly invisible in the water, sensitive and tough. How much does it cost? Check out Daiwa's best FC line prices on: EBAY

You need a strong fluorocarbon leader for trolling? Get a Sunline. Do you need a FC for LRF? Get a Sunline. You are a spinning fan for sea bass and freshwater bass? You definitely need a Sunline. Yes, Sunline always presents the best fluorocarbon fishing line and leaders from Japan. Product tests are conducted to measure flexibility, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, endurance, slickness, knot strength and consistency. There are lots of different types of Sunline FCs to choose from. Here you can see all of them with prices.


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