Yoga vs Vodka


Are you a Yoga man or Vodka man?

Yoga or Vodka

I used to practice yoga regularly for couple of years when I was in my early 30s, mainly to attract girls because I believed many of them find Yoga guys very attractive and cool. How miserable I was.. Oh dear.

Would you use Vodka or Yoga to attract women?
Then on a boring Sunday night I was watching a film ( I really can't remember what it was called) and they said something about the miracles of Vodka. I tried to ignore it, because I never liked vodka, but something made me to listen to it again. And I did. The guy (he looked like a wise but stupid old guy) was saying "They say milk gives you strength. Drink three glasses and try moving a wall. You can't. Drink three shots of vodka and it moves all by itself".

This interestingly strong saying made me grab a bottle of vodka and have a go. And did... The result was a total disaster. But it worked. I felt more attractive than doing yoga for single chicks. I was the coolest guy in town. I loved it.

And 15 years later, last night I saw this meme on a friend's Facebook posts and it reminded me of that silly but funny night.

My Name is Fish and I like Vodka. I like Yoga, too. But I am married now.

What about you? Are you a cool Yoga guy or an attractive Vodka man?


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