Best Baitfish For Deep Sea Fishing in Florida

What baitfish to use for the best deep sea fishing in Florida

Deep sea fishing has always been one of the most popular hunting styles since ancient times. From Cyprus to Patagonia, anglers of the world try everything possible to catch the big fishes of the deep blue waters. I think, like all mysterious things in life, creatures that live in deeper waters attract us. They don't have to be huge in size, we love that adrenalin of feeling that "monster fish" bites the bait at the end of the line in darkness.

Florida is one of the best deep sea fishing areas in the world. Every year thousands of anglers from the other parts of America and all around the world come to Miami and other fishing paradise resorts for an unforgettable deep sea fishing experience that they can't have anywhere else like in Florida.

Which Baitfish?
Big species in deep waters don't like playing with toys like other rock fishes or sandy beach creatures. They love their food fresh, lively and real. So you have to give them something that they can't refuse! And the most effective and common bait to attract the big boys is the ballyhoo halfbeak.

A perfect size of live bait ballyhoo. Photo by David best bait fish for deep sea fishing

Let's say you dream of catching a legendary size of Snapper, Wahoo, Sailfish, Shark, Kingfish, Grouper, big Tuna and even Mahi Mahi. The best baitfish to catch all these deep sea fish species in Florida is an average size Ballyhoo.  

There are some other good bait fish like Mullet, Pilchard and Pinfish as well. But all the most experienced charter captains and tournament winners say, ballyhoo halfbeak is the best baitfish for deep sea fishing in Florida.


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