Cyprus Fishing Licence

How To Get Fishing Licence in Cyprus
If you are going to fish in Cyprus, you might need a fishing licence or permit. Every year, especially during the summer season, thousands of amateur fishermen from all over Europe, Russia and America visit this beautiful island for fishing and spending unforgettable time in Mediterranean sun.

Cyprus Fishing Licence Information

Do I need a fishing license in Cyprus?
If you are going to fish from the shore, Yes, you will need a licence. But, if you are on a holiday and just wanting to have some light fishing fun, you won't need it. It's alright, as you are just enjoying catch and release, sea and sunny day.

But if you are thinking of going serious fishing, with lots of different rods, reels and lures, tons of bait to cast all day and next day too, I strongly suggest you get the license.

If you are going to fish from the boat
You or the boat owner (the person who is taking you fishing) must hold a licence.
1- You need to fill this form: Application_RecreationalFisheries_ENGLISH.doc
2- Copy of the applicant’s ID (identity)
3. Copy of the boat certificate, if the recreational fishing license is by boat (if you are taking the boat to the sea)
4- And then send it to:

You can find more information for Cyprus Fishing Licence. annual updates, form and other permits at Department of Fisheries and Marine Research 

Freshwater Fishing in Cyprus
The rules and regulations for fishing in the reservoirs and dams are so different and strict. You must follow the rules seriously. Check out this page Recreational Fishing Licenses in Reservoirs for more information and licence application


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