10 Most Popular Fish to Eat in Turkey

What Fish To Eat In Turkey

Turkey is a country with thousands of miles of coastline surrounded by seas on three sides. It is a seafood capital with very different fish species living in the Aegean Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and special cooking skills.

The "10 Most Popular Fish to Eat in Turkey" list is created with the most favourite choices of foreigners who eat fish when they visit Turkey, and the sincere recommendations of our local Turkish -gurme- friends.

Best fish to eat in Turkey
If you start the phrase "Eating fish in Turkey", red mullet will come to your mind at the beginning. From the cheapest seaside cafes to the most sparkly restaurants of Istanbul, you will see pan-fried crispy Barbun ( Red Mullet ) all over the country.

Known as Levrek in Turkish, Seabass is found everywhere in Turkey during all seasons of the year. It's incredibly delicious especially when cooked on the grill and usually served with plenty of salad.
Sea bass Turkish Recipe

Turbot is called Kalkan (shield) in Turkish. Kalkan is one of the most valued fish in Turkey. It comes from the Black Sea and you can find this delicacy only in restaurants in Istanbul, Ankara and a few other Black Sea Region towns. Turkish people love Kalkan ( Turbot ) in the oven.

Hamsi are small anchovy fish only caught in the Black sea and eaten throughout Turkey from October to February. If you visit the towns on the Black Sea coast, you will definitely eat Hamsi ( European Anchovy ), because you won't have any choice. People in this part of Turkey adore this fish. They bake it with a very different frying tray which helps both sides be cooked evenly and perfectly crispy without burning it.
anchovy Turkish cuisine

Lüfer" is one of the most popular autumn and winter fish to eat in Turkey, Lüfer ( Bluefish ) is also called "diamond of the dinner tables". Grilled or baked in the oven with potatoes and other vegetables, this is how Turkish people prefer cooking it.

Palamut is one of the most well-known fish in Turkey. It enters the tables in September and invites everyone who loves fish with its magnificent taste and distinctive smell that occurs when cooked. It's really cheap in Turkey when you compare it to European fish markets and restaurants. Palamut Izgara ( Grilled Bonito ) is a must try in Turkey.
Grilled Bonito Turkish Cooking

A fish that makes you want to eat more and more of it. Çipura ( Gilt-head Bream ) is absolutely a classic Mediterranean taste. It's widely found in the Aegean Sea but you can get it easily at every fish market in Turkey. Some people like it as fried but Grilled Çipura ( Gilt-head Bream ) absolutely has a legendary taste.. If you are visiting Turkey and if you like fish, just go for it. You'll love it.
Turkish Seafood Cooking

Kefal is one of the most eaten fish in Turkey. In restaurants, fish markets, houses, everyone eats or cooks it all year around. Kefal ( Grey Mullet ) is quite economical and caught plenty all over the country. Kefal in the oven with potatoes and onions is a very popular cooking method.

Mercan, which is one of the most caught fish especially by amateur fishermen, can be found everywhere from large families' meeting meals to the quiet restaurants of small fishing towns that offer a romantic dinner on the beach at sunset. Mercan ( Red Porgy ) is usually preferred as fried. When eaten with plenty of salad and traditional Turkish drink Rakı, you can't get enough of it.
Turkish seafood cooking Red Porgy

Orfoz, one of the most important fish of Turkish seafood culture, is currently under protection and fishing is prohibited, as its population has decreased in recent years due to overfishing. In the following years, when this unique flavor returns to our tables, those who have tasted it even once will definitely want to eat it again. Orfoz ( Dusky Grouper ) is the most legendary food of the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey.


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