How Giant Trevally Attacks Birds

Have you ever seen a big fish hunting birds?
There are some fishes in Amazons and some other tropical rivers and lakes that eat fish, I have seen it. They simply attack them if there is a little bird bathing or swimming.

Giant Trevally Attack Birds

But this one is very different. Giant Trevally in tropical flats chase the birds to catch them as part of their speed and hunting games. They don't actually eat them. There are a lot of delicious bait already where they cruise everyday.

As you know we use big poppers to catch GT and when people ask why we pick the big and shiny ones, I start explaining first of all what kind of species Giant Trevally are.  Now I don't need to talk hours about it. This short BBC documentary tells us a lot about what the GTs are after.

I bet many of you have never seen these gorgeous predators doing such an acrobatic jumps before. Absolutely captivating. My Name is Fish but I never attack the birds like these GTs. Enjoy one of the greatest show from the azure waters of Giant Trevallies.


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