Best Saltwater Fly Lines

Top 10 Saltwater Fly Lines in 2021
Who says fly fishing is for freshwater only? Now there are more anglers all around the world into saltwater fly fishing than ever. Because it's great fun. Many people used to believe if you wanted to try fly fishing in the sea, you had to travel to tropical countries. That was true. But the world has changed. We are now everywhere, from England to New Zealand, we love saltwater fly fishing.

And recently I've received lots of emails and questions about it. So firstly I posted A Detailed Review of The Best Travel Fly Rods before.  Now I want to share the list of the best saltwater fly lines picked by enthusiastic anglers who always keep at least one of them in their fly fishing gear bags. 

best saltwater fly lines

Absolutely a masterpiece of saltwater fly line. A fly line for all kinds of fish in the sea. Striper, Redfish, Mullet, Tarpon, Seebass, Permit, Bonefish, Trevally, Snook, Rockfish and even Squid. If you had to choose one saltwater fly line for a variety of situations and weather conditions the Mastery Saltwater should be a finalist. Here are some of the best advantages of this line; Designed for use in temperate and tropical climates. Two tones for better visibility. Variable head lengths for distance casting and quick shots to passing fish. Small diameter to deal with windy conditions. See the prices of Scientific Anglers Mastery Saltwater on  

Silky, easy to cast, affordable.. yet strong, durable, reliable. From Caribbeans to Greek Islands, from Australia to South Africa, take it with because Airflo Forge Saltwater lines are a great way to get into saltwater fly fishing. Its super-slick PTFE coating reduces friction to help with quick shots to moving fish. Tropical polymer formulation ensures superb casting and handling performance in the hottest conditions. See the lowest prices of Airflo Forge Fly Line on Amazon

Once Hardy, always Hardy. Right? You are going to try to catch some tropic predator fish and the weather will be extremely hot, the wind will slap the surface of the water mercilessly, but the big fish are there, right in front of you.. and you have to catch them. Then you just need one high quality fly line that handles such crazy conditions. I strongly suggest you take this Hardy fly line with you. It comes with stiff tropic core with a resilient heat resistant coating. Absolutely the best choice for large flats and off shore species. Check out the latest prices of Hardy Tropic Flats on

Snowbee makes some of the most popular trusted lines for fishermen who enjoy the best casting experience in saltwater. PRESENTATION: designed for smaller flies and precise presentation. Perfect for ‘sight fishing’ for bonefish, permit, seabass etc. BIG FLY: designed for fishing big flies in amongst mangroves, or overhanging vegetation where big flies are essential. SPECTRE: A floating head and running- line, with a 12ft clear intermediate tip will take flies down deeper, without spooking the quarry. DEPTH CHARGE: When you need to get down deep and fast with either short or long casts, the new line delivers on all counts. See the newly listed Snowbee Saltwater Fly Lines on

This is one of the most popular saltwater fly lines produced by Royal Wulff. The Triangle Taper is a continuous forward taper in the head of the line, which provides the most efficient transfer of casting energy as it unrolls because the heavier line is constantly turning over lighter line. This design also gives you a more delicate presentation because the weight is away from the fly. It is also the finest roll casting line for up to 60’ casts. J3 silk coating has a dry feel, which minimises resistance for longer casts. Compare the prices of Royal Wulff Saltwater Fly Line on

If you are planning to travel to tropical destinations, Cortland Tropical All Purpose saltwater fly line is the one you should definitely take with you in the depths of your fishing bag. It was designed to remain slick in the blistering heat with a hard monofilament core and extra durable finish. A short, aggressive taper will power your flies through heavy winds. Floating, Weight Forward and 90ft, this means perfect for your saltwater fly fishing dreams. And you can use it to catch Tarpon, Milkfish, Bonefish, Trigger Fish, Mahi Mahi, Redfishm, Snook, Permit and more. Check Cortland Tropical All Purpose on

You like saltwater fly fishing or maybe you will try it first time, here is the best saltwater fly line in the world. Best casting, perfect floating. I must genuinely admit that I am in love with Orvis Pro All Rounder. This is the saltwater line that has the power to reach that distant target, and a fast-loading, front compound taper to make a few quick shots in a row. One of the best advantages of this line is the enhanced welded loop makes leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Now affordable prices for Orvis Pro Saltwater All Rounder on Ebay

I have mentioned Guideline fly rods in The Best Travel Fly Rods list and now time to mention their saltwater fly line, too. Because you will love it, because I love it! Seabass on fly; Yes! Mullet on fly; Yes! Bonito on the fly; Yes! Originally it's known as one of the best fly lines for Pike. But it's perfectly effective for saltwater species as well. Floating: A low diameter floating head helps producing good distance casts. Intermediate: The best choice for a majority of the season. Sink1-Sink3: The taper loads the rod easily for a new cast. Check the updated price list of Guideline Saltwater Predator Fly Line on

A perfect saltwater fly line for the anglers of all levels and all kinds of weather conditions. It's designed for the overall needs of the average fly fisher and slightly heavier, easy casting lines for a multitude of species. It's short, powerful front taper for good presentation and turnover. Mainstream is made in RIO’s Idaho manufacturing facility. Each line is built with a hard, saltwater coating for the best in performance. Compare the Rio's Mainstream Saltwater on


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